Please be kind with your signs?


Nobody likes them but ya gotta do it. Yep, I’m talking about those awful “DO NOT….” signs that we have tacked at the front of our facilities. Unfortunately in our day and age, these are the ones that our facility is required to post on every front door at a place of higher education:


After all, these are litigious times. Some places have to post a long laundry list of “THOU SHALT NOT’S”, to the point where it starts to resemble a legal contract


We have to post them, but if we aren’t careful we can easily turn off the reader from getting the main points by using tacky, tacked-on rules. Here are a few hints to help your code and behavior enforcement:

  1. Explain to the visitor why it’s importantIMG_9713It might seem like common sense and you shouldn’t have to remind people, but sometimes sense isn’t so common. In the case of this sign, some folks might not know that oils on hands can cause damage to historic furniture, and that it shouldn’t be touched. Teaching visitors the difference might result in positive behavior modification.
  2. Use a civil tone instead of a terse one enjoys being threatened or scolded, after all, this is the civil South. Using terms such as “please”, “welcome”, and “thank you” is like adding sugar to your iced tea
  3. A little humor goes a long waywUcWcn7

    If you DO have to make your point clear, at least make it enjoyable to the reader. After all, a little humor does go a long way


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