My Dream Trip

By Kate Mowbray

I am planning my dream trip to Africa this September. I have wanted to go since I was a little girl and fell in love with elephants. I remember watching an animal program that broke my heart to learn of people killing them for their ivory and that their numbers were depleting rapidly. I feel the need to go is even greater now than 30 years ago when I watched that program because of similar issues that have been on the rise in recent years. So, I decided this is the year and I am going to make it happen.

With all the planning, it has made me think about what people research about my town and things to do when visiting. Athens, Georgia may not seem like a top tourist destination but with the University of Georgia in town, we have many visitors/future students that visit from other countries as well as all around our own. Even locals like to keep up with what is happening. Having easy to find, well organized information is important to keep people up to date on what to do when they visit.
Take a look at your facility’s website. Does it give clear information about what there is to do, what hours you are open, if there is a fee and if you have to register for anything in advance? Does your local visitor center direct out of town guests your way or at least display your information? Do you have any other social media outlets that are easy to connect visitors to what’s happening on a daily or weekly basis? These are all important details that may help visitors to find you! Who knows, you may be included on someone’s dream trip!
P.S. I have another blog due after my trip so I will let you know how my dream trip goes!

P.S.S. If you have been to South Africa, I would love to hear from you!

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