Recharge Your Battery

Many of us are approaching our busiest time of year. For me, spring brings non-stop field trips, several large events, more visitors and battling weeds and invasive species that need to be controlled as they spring back to life. Usually winter is a time I can recharge my battery to get ready for this busy time but things have been busy and I feel my battery is already draining. I hear more and more that we need to take care of ourselves before we can care for others. As interpreters, our jobs require us to be able to take care of other’s needs for them to have an enjoyable experience (remember Maslow.) How can we recharge our batteries so we can survive these busier times?
1) Do something you enjoy. Maybe it’s a hobby that would normally get pushed to a backburner. I don’t know how many sewing projects I have waiting to be completed. Get outdoors and take a hike, bike ride or a paddle. Sit in a hammock with a good book (Talk to Pepe Chavez because he can give you the hook up and help NAI at the same time!) A rainy day is a great excuse to sit on the couch and binge watch an entire season of a show. It rained this past week so I am now caught up with Stranger Things season 2.
2) Take a day off. This can be difficult and may feel nearly impossible. If you can plan ahead and can afford to, mark off one day a month so you don’t schedule any programs. You can take the day off or a day without a scheduled program can feel like a day off and allow you to catch up on other work projects like cleaning your desk!

nai feb 2018 article pic

I think I am in need of a day off. What do you think? 

3) Meet with other interpreters. This week is our NAI regional workshop and I am looking forward to seeing people that I only see once a year and meeting new faces in the field. There is something to be said about hanging with your interpreter peeps. You inspire my creative side and can spark my battery back to life. If you can’t make it to a regional workshop, try to make it to a state gathering or join online conversations through Facebook or other social media.

As the busy season consumes you, remember to take time to recharge. What will you do to keep your battery on full power?


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