Could you interpret yourself?


This is how you “wow”

During my career as interpreter I interviewed for a few jobs here and there, not always with the expected outcome, I would say for the best at this point in my career. As a Nature Center Manager, I am on the other side of the table interviewing candidates for full time and seasonal positions.

It is easy to spot when candidates are nervous, after all this moment is when you may start your career. Sweaty hands, white knuckles, either a pale face or a bright red face. I can see past that because I have been there before.

A key ingredient is preparation, how would you interpret yourself?

I already know that you have a college degree, where you worked, what position and responsibility you had so what I want to see and hear is what makes you a unique interpreter. How are you going to engage your audience?

Go to an interview thinking that you are going to share with a friend your favorite book, how much you loved reading it and you were almost sad when it was over. You share that passion and love and it is so vivid that your friend wants to borrow the book.

Show me how you would interpret our natural and cultural resources, show me that you love and care about them so much that I feel compelled to care about them too. I have heard from almost every single candidate on a monotone answer “I love nature” or “I feel very passionate about the outdoors” that is a good start but show me what you have done as a result of your love and passion.

If you can do that during and interview I can guarantee you that you will make a memorable impression and are more likely to get the job.

Next week I will be presenting and the Regional Conference and sharing fellow interpreters some of my experiences as a manager I am looking forward to catching up with you and hopefully sharing those stories about your career path as interpreter.

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