“Thanks” An Interpretive (Plan) Approach

Blog- THanks

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday and coming off the national workshop I thought it fitting to interpret the power of “thanks”, in an interpretive plan format.

WHY? (What are the goals?)

It’s healthy to give thanks.

It’s healthy to receive thanks.

Teams that are positive and give thanks generally perform better.

Make their day.

It’s super easy!


WHO? (Who’s your target audience?)

An employee who’s been knocking it out.

A mentor.

Someone you haven’t contacted in a while but played a role in your development.

Someone who could use a “pick me up.”

An organization after a visit to their interpretive site/center. Its great to get feedback from outside your organization.

A visitor at your program or center.

A supervisor who supported you somehow.

Teachers that support your programs year after year.

Your volunteers!


WHAT? (What are your tangible resources?)

Written cards.

Post it notes.

Provide favorite treat or gift.

Verbally in person.

Verbally in front of peers.

Email to the persons supervisor.




Acts of gratitude can go a long way throughout the year. Giving thanks is a simple, efficient, cost effective way to build community and buy-in for those associated with your organization.

Simply put, it’s a good thing to do!

Go forth and THANK someone!




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2 thoughts on ““Thanks” An Interpretive (Plan) Approach

  1. Sue Watts

    Love it!!

  2. ecologito

    Thank you for the great post and your contributions to our profession.

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