Enriching lives one cricket at a time!

The people are bustling, the animals are out and about, the heat is in full force, and the energy is high- yep, it’s summertime at the South Carolina Aquarium! We are oh-fish-ally in full summertime mode with engagements around every corner! Almost every half hour, guests have the chance to visit one of our captivating educational programs. A new one this summer, is our Ambassador Animal Enrichment Show. During this program, guests will be enriched while watching one of our education animals get enriched with a new habitat, treat, or food puzzle!

Animal care is always our top concern at the Aquarium and enrichment is one of the ways that we perform that care. For example, we may bring out our Bearded Dragon, Dundee and have crickets in a wiffle ball or PVC pipe for her. Dundee then has to use her natural adaptations and hunting skills to locate the crickets and eat them. Enrichment is anything new and different for the animals to experience. It encourages mental and physical stimulation, promoting overall health. This show gives guests a glimpse into our animal care practices, which is in turn enrichment for them. Aquarium visitors are becoming more and more interested in learning about the behind the scenes care rather than pure entertainment. Interpreting this during our shows has become the focus of our messaging and really helps us drive home our mission of conservation!


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