Time For Spring Cleaning!

As I look at my woods, the buds are opening and it is already looking like spring.  Spring is the time to open the windows, let in the sun, and give way to fresh air!  It sounds odd since it’s late February, but I don’t like the cold and I will take what I can get!

Spring is the annual time of cleaning and freshening up.  My mother would begin to toss out things that had accumulated and no longer had use for.  A time or two, I wished my brother was in the mix headed out and I’m sure he thought the same of me!  It is a good time to do it though, spring is the time of new beginnings.

It is also time to toss out some of our material that has lived past its usefulness.  We may also need to take a duster to some of our other items that need to be freshened up.  As I write these words I realize that it is easier said than done.  If you’re like me, it is all I can do just to keep up with what needs to be done.  Another thing is, interpreters typically don’t like change.  We like it the way it is, so stop messing with a good thing!  However, I heard someone say that “When you’re through changing, you’re through.”

I’m not asking you to overhaul everything you do.  Take it a little at a time.  For my lessons, I regularly update the material.  I hope it keeps it up-to-date and fresh.  For me, it keeps me interested and keeps me from getting bored with the material.  Besides, this kind of purging is not that bad.  It’s nothing like the spring “purging” some cultures practice!  But that is another story…

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