2017, New Opportunities to Learn

Every January, the BEST month in case you were wondering, people make a verbal commitment to stop smoking, lose weight, start working out and/or traveling.  These are all popular resolutions individuals try to change themselves or life in a positive way.  By making a small positive change in our personal realm, we can change our overall outlook on life.  Last year I resolved to be healthier and more physically fit.  A year ago on January 12th, I joined a local gym to help with mobility and weight lifting, then in March got the best dog, Charlie (whom we all met last year) to help with cardio due to him being part greyhound and LOVING to run/chase anything.  Both of those additions to my life have worked out well.  Why not consider making some improvements in your professional life as well?  Over the next few months a number of CIG courses are being offered within our region.  Let’s check them out:

January 14 – February 4 (Saturdays only during time frame) Environmental Learning Center, -Vero Beach, FL

Janaury 18-21 Georgia Museum of Agriculture & Historic Village

January 24-February 3 Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, Columbia, SC

February 6-9 Chattahoochee Nature Center, Roswell, GA

February 6-9 University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL

August 16-19 Georgia Museum of Agriculture & Historic Village

CIHT in the Region

January 24-27 or January 25-26 Fort Pierce, FL

CIT in the Region

January 9-13

National Park Service Outer Banks Group at the Coastal Studies Institute, Wanchese/Skyco, NC

Coaching Interpreters

April 11-13 Georgia Museum of Agriculture & Historic Village

Any of these courses are recommend for interpreters who seek to improve their skills and/or marketability for jobs.  They are great experiences for someone who has never participated in one.  If you have attained a CIG certification the NAI national office offers great webinars on a variety of topics from experts in the field.  You can also learn a great deal while attending the annual workshop.  Kentucky is only a few short months away and provides a great opportunity to participate in sessions, chat with colleges from across the southeast and meet your regional officers!  While you can contact us at any time, at the workshop we are in the flesh which can be easier to let your voice be heard.  There are also many other professional groups/organizations who offer professional development.  Personally I belong to ALHFAM (Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums), SEMC (South Eastern Museum Conference) and AASLH (American Association for State and Local History) who are offer more specific training’s to historical interpretation or museums.


Charlie learning how to be a good boy.

In 2017 commit to improving the professional you.  Who knows what you may learn, speak to or rediscover how much of an expert you are in interpretation.

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