Giving Thanks

It may be cliché to write an article about being thankful at Thanksgiving, but I wanted to write about showing gratitude and thankfulness in our facilities and our jobs. This post will review a few ways my coworkers and I share thanks.

 Many of us don’t have a plethora of staff to cover everything we do. We could not have the same reach into our community without volunteers. Do you remember to say thank you to your volunteers? It is important for them to hear that every time they sign up to help. Although people don’t volunteer for the accolades, it is greatly appreciated when you recognize them formally. Our center hosts a volunteer appreciation dinner each year. The staff have a chili cook off where each staff member cooks chili and volunteers bring a dessert to share. It costs a lot less than a catered event and by making it a competition, the staff want to participate to win the title of “Best Chili.” After dinner, we recognize all volunteers and their service to the center. They are able to receive a shirt, mug, water bottle or other gift for the number of hours served.


Volunteers at “Volunteers are Treasured” Pirate Themed Appreciation event.


 It is also important to recognize donors. Whether it is a monetary donation or books for a reading corner, send a thank you note. Include in your note how the gift will be used, if it helps to meet a goal and, if you are non-profit, include the information about your 503-C status. Include a link to your website or other social media outlets so they can keep up to date about what is happening around your center.

 Thank your visitors. They choose to spend time with you and your facility so show appreciation by a simple “thanks for coming!” They will feel that you appreciate their choice to visit and they will want to return again soon. 

 Don’t forget to thank your coworkers, too. It takes a team to pull off everything from day to day operations to large events. If you’re in charge of the event or someone takes time to help you clean up after a birthday party, show your appreciation.

 Whether you have to work this holiday or not, take time to think of what you are thankful for in life and at work. Happy Thanksgiving!

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