Creating memories through stories

tildenI am not a great story teller but I sure love listening to friends recall their memories through stories.

Last week and the NAI National Conference in Corpus Christi I had the opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Most conversations were a lot shorter than I wish I had time for. We hugged, laughed, and recalled a few memories, some were a couple of years old, some are over a decade old.

Walt Dabney was the keynote speaker on Thursday, he worked for the National Park Service when at age 23 was assigned as Freeman Tilden’s assistant. Their assignment was to meet with stakeholders to identify the role for the NPS to play through its interpretive programs. They traveled over 50,000 miles across the country holding meetings and became good friends.

If you have ever been on a road trip you will get to know your traveling friends very well. Walt shared great stories about two co-workers who developed a life-long friendship and created wonderful memories.

Whenever you have the opportunity, create your own memories, and tell your stories. As interpreters this is how we connect with our audience.

As outgoing Director of the Sunny Southeast I have had the pleasure to meet new people and great friends who will be in my stories for a very long time.


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