Your profession is a 2-way street

905593_10156238454060564_6815222464763559734_oAs a your professional I was always looking at professional organizations to improve my skills, knowledge, networking opportunities, and at times, their perks. Time has gone by and I have learned that being a professional also means to be part of a community, with peers that often times learn from each other along the journey that we call our career.

I still look at professional organizations for personal and professional benefit but I also look for opportunities to “give back”, to share what I have learned along the way and give other the same opportunity to be involved.

NAI has been the perfect conduit for me to do so and I would encourage you to do the same thing. There are plenty of opportunities to contribute to our profession and here are a few that I can think of:

  • Donations: It could be some money as a direct donation, a contribution through our scholarship auctions, or other means. We can all donate a buck or two and it could mean that another young professional can attend a regional or national conference.
  • 1498908_10154852110865564_6834254784530283653_oVolunteer: Sometimes we don’t have the cash to make a donation but we can always find some time to help. You can volunteer at the next Regional or National Conference, be Perky’s Guard, Assist the planning committee to the next conference (great way to attend), or run for an elected position.
  • Supporting vendors: Organization support NAI and what we do. Some of them are event sponsors, commercial members or just donate a portion of their proceeds. Like Amazon Smile, select the National Association for Interpretation and support NAI by shopping.
  • Planned giving: At one point we will stop to be residents of this planet, you can plan to donate what you leave behind to your professional organization. This is a bit uncomfortable topic sometimes because we never want to think about death but nobody will escape it.

I am sure you will find the best way to support your professional organization just as much as we as community have supported each other.

Have a great end of the summer and I can’t wait to see you in Corpus Christi, Kentucky, or anytime in between.


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