It’s Dangerous to Go Alone. Take This (Awesome Map of Region 3 Interpretive Sites)!

You have to admit that the Sunny Southeast is a pretty amazing region. We’ve got everything from lemurs to fortresses, beaches to museums, lakes, rivers, mountains, and nature centers galore…all waiting for the intrepid explorer (you!) to visit them. To assist you on your journey, we have have been building a member map on the Region 3 website to show you the exciting details of the who, what, when, and where of your colleagues’ sites. One of the many benefits of an NAI membership offers is a strong community, and we want to keep growing that community beyond the conferences (like our annual workshop being held this very week in Atlanta!) and other special events.
Perky and map
Last year we sent out a short survey that gave members the opportunity to participate in the creation of this resource map, and we now have about fifteen sites up on the map. That’s a great start, but we can do so much better! This is a purely voluntary map that, aside from some required basics, can include as much or as little as you’d like about your site, business, program, etc. (it isn’t required that you have a physical site to participate). The map is a great tool to use for exploring the area, learn about members’ upcoming events, find volunteer or job opportunities, or even contact another member who may be doing similar work and could help you brainstorm some ideas to make your program or exhibits even better.

To all of our wonderful members who jumped into the pool first: thank you! We couldn’t have gotten this community project off the ground without your enthusiastic support and participation.

If you’d like to be a part of this resource and open your doors to new friends and allies, follow this link to our short and sweet survey page:

You can find the map under the “Contact Us” tab on top of the intro page on our regional website: (, or go directly to

*There may be some formatting glitches in certain browsers, and we’re still working on the best way to incorporate photos into the mapping process. If tech-savvy people would like to volunteer to help out with this project, please drop us a line at*

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