The Top Ten Things that I Love about the Sunny Southeast Regional Workshop Feb. 3-6, 2016—Stone Mountain, Georgia:

  1. There are a wealth of presentations from really smart folks who are dedicated and passionate about the same things that I am.
  2. They have amazing field trips that get me into places that I never before knew about and ‘behind-the-scenes’ tours.
  3. Hearing and ‘borrowing’ some really great new program ideas that impress my administrators.
  4. Hosts find the most amazing caterers, salty snacks, and regional craft beverages.
  5. Workshop swag—enough for me to stuff stockings over the next few holidays.
  6. The live auction always reveals to me how much I really do need that hand-carved owl paperweight.
  7. Hearing hilarious and harrowing stories from other places that put my travails to shame.
  8. Networking, networking, networking……
  9. Its always a hoot when Brian Mast, SE regional deputy director, lets his hair down and does the Macarena.
  10. And the number one reason that I absolutely look forward to the regional workshop is…..I always shed a tear when I hear Perky Rat and regional director Pepe Chavez harmonize on those ol’ sea shanties….

Don’t miss the fun y’all……..see ya there next week!!!!!

nai reg 3 019


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