It is better when you ask the experts

Since I became a Nature Center Manager I had to be realistic about expectations for my staff and myself. We all love what we do and try our best but sometimes that does not mean that we are putting out the best products we can offer.

When Interpreters try to create a flyer the average staff will turn to publisher if they know how to use it. For the most part the flyer will be filled with clip art and look… well, like clip art from publisher.

A few years ago we reached out to our local community college because they have a graphic design department with very talented students that cloud not wait to put their creative brains and newly acquired skills to work. Every semester I receive a few applications for our unpaid co-op position.

EdGuideStudents will not get paid in cash but they get a real life experience to become the head of our graphic design department (which we do not have). They get the artistic liberty to create and gain the experience of selecting materials, request quotes, present a budget and get it approved for production.
The end result are banners, summer camp shirts, flyers, post cards, water bottles, and just about anything that we have produced at the nature center in the past few years. None of these products resemble clip art and look fantastic.

Next time you are dealing with a task, think outside the box and think about the most efficient way to deal with it and who the expert is for that task. You will be surprised with the end result.

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