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I have a friend that uses a GoPro camera to capture all kinds of video.  It is compact and easy to operate, which he puts to use for the extreme sport of parenting, mostly.  I read in an airplane magazine that the company’s founder wanted to watch himself surf and show his buddies.  No products existed so he built one and with it, a whole new industry.

As interpreters, our products are built to connect people to places and ideas.  One powerful technique is using point of view.  That is also GoPro’s approach.  For us, and them, the impact of technology is important.  GoPro’s success is aligned with the social media movement and, I think, a general desire in our culture to generate excitement from a grass roots level.  Granted, not every Facebook post, tweet, Pinterest thingy, rookie mountain biker video, or Instagram photo is exhilarating, but that is often the aim.

eagle pov

Eagle eye view.  Video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3QrhdfLCO8

I had an idea sitting on my couch the other evening about using a helmet-cam to film something mundane and be that guy that shows up with a helmet and the adrenaline mindset for an otherwise low-key event.  The thought amused me.  Then I started thinking, what if we could use an action camera to help our audience gain a unique perspective of our interpretive site?  Then I remembered I have a blog-post due.

I haven’t had time to try anything yet and don’t own a pocket camcorder, a.k.a. action camera, but maybe you do.  Does anyone use one related to interpretation?   Or does this spark ideas of how you might?  The GoPro founder reportedly strapped one to his chest during the birth of his sons.  Though I am by no means recommending anyone try that, what else could we attempt?

What outside-the-box thinking can we find to help our audiences gain perspective through a unique point of view?  Hollywood directors, extreme athletes, The Rolling Stones, and our military all use GoPro’s.  Like them, we are innovators.  So go ahead, be a daredevil.  Let me know what you come up with and I’ll do the same.

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