Fear Not!

It’s not public speaking, heights, or bugs and snakes, it’s children’s programming!

According to a Chapman University Survey reported in the Washington Post (2014), Americans’ fears range from needles and blood to ghosts and zombies. In my experience training interpreters, however, our biggest fear is interpreting to children. If you shy away from this audience, it’s time to get in touch with your inner-child!

Think like a kid! Watch a few episodes of the Magic School Bus. Ask to shadow at an elementary school and observe classroom interactions. Use these interpretive techniques to get and keep your audience’s attention!
• Alliteration
• Riddles and rhythms
• Jokes
• Discoveries
• Solving mysteries
• Secrets
• Silliness and songs
• Stories
• Super heroes, super powers and the super natural (dragons, fairies and unicorns Oh My!)
• Activities and high energy experiences

Keep it FUN! Keep it FAST! Keep fascinating even the youngest of audiences!

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