Is your program a “full” experience?

© 2015 Daniel Suarez  - weeks ago my parents were in town visiting and we took them to a few places. We visited the Western North Carolina Nature Center, the Schiele Museum, and the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center. My parents seemed excited just to spend time with their grand daughter that they only see a few times every year.

When I suggested my father to go to his first NASCAR experience he seemed indifferent. He has never liked auto racing, in his mind there was nothing exciting about cars running in circles. I decided to take him to the race and let him experience it and leave if he seemed bored. The only information that seemed to relate to him is that a Mexican driver was racing on the number 18 car.

When we arrived to the race track he was impressed with the size of the speedway. A 1.5 mile-long track does not seem as big on TV. When they gave the command “start your engines” and 40+ cars with 700 Horse power engines start up you can hear and feel it. My dad’s face went from this is kinda cool to “WOW”!.

For the next two hours he did not say much other than pointing at the number 18 car, got really excited when he passed other cars and did not even take a “Maslow break”.

When we got home he kept telling my mom about how big the place was, how loud it was and how skilled the drivers had to be to drive 160+mph and keep the cars under control as they bump each other.

This is exactly what an experience where all your senses does to a participant. Whenever possible let your program participants listen, smell, taste, and touch as much as you can. The more you do so, the more memorable the experience will be.

As for my dad, he already asked me about the next race in Charlotte.


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