State Gatherings; Free Easy Way to Strengthen Your Interpretation

Feeling inspired comes in handy when creating and delivering quality interpretation, but finding the zone where creativity flows is key.  That spark can be elusive.  Some professionals have rituals to get the juices going.  My lucky Lakers socks have always come through for me, but even they are no match for the power of networking.

Conferences and workshops often leave us enthusiastic and motivated to put new ideas into practice and help us gain fresh perspective on the successes and challenges of our own work.  They help me feel the passion I have for my own resource and the joy I get from sharing it with others that sometimes takes a back seat to budgets, emails, deadlines, meetings, and the like.

Formal professional development does have its limits though.  Money and time are not always abundant in the workplace.  Enter the NAI statewide gatherings.  Here is a chance to meet like-minded, talented folks doing similar work with much less obligation than other networking opportunities.  Who doesn’t want to spend a few casual hours sharing ideas and seeing another site and still get home for dinner?

In states like North Carolina, this was geographically impossible, until recently, when changes to the structure of state gatherings were made to accommodate multiple sectional get-togethers.  I am super excited to get to meet more folks in my area, both NAI members and others.  I hope you are too.  Stay tuned for info about gatherings in your state and take a day to get energized.

Save the dates: NC Mountains- August 26; NC Piedmont- September 15

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