Build your “big picture” with small details

When I started volunteering for NAI as Deputy Director for the Sunny Southeast I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into. Before that I became a CIG, and attended a couple of Regional Workshops in Ohio and North Carolina. Somewhere along the way I realized that paying attention to the small details is what makes a good interpreter great and understanding the big picture makes you an outstanding one.

Since then I have met some of my interpretive heroes, at Regional workshops listening to stories about the evolution of human tools, interpreting dandelions, making whistles with sticks, cleaning rivers, fairy houses, and hummingbirds. All amazing experiences that have helped to be who I am today. Take advantage of all the opportunities to learn from others and become better and what you do today and what you want to do tomorrow.

Everything started with interpreters who worked with me and worked nearby. Attending Regional workshops is a fantastic environment to “show and tell” what other are doing. This year interpreters from the Sunny Southeast will be going to Puerto Rico to share experiences, skills, and the “inside scoop” of interpretation.

Take advantage of this great opportunity and hopefully we will have a chance to catch up in the island.

Happy Holidays and see you soon,


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