Go Get ‘Em!

It’s that time of year when thought must be given to hiring summer workers.  Even if you aren’t, stick with me.  While you are out trying to find that next superstar, give some thought to the following.  This may be the beginning of the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.  I know many of you understand this but it might be a good time to remember what it was like to be on the summer job hunt.  Be patient. Be understanding.

I remember being a knot-headed college student who thought he knew what he wanted out of life.  The problem was I had so little in the way of life experiences that I really didn’t know what I wanted.  One of the hardest parts of my job as a college professor is asking an eighteen-year-old college student what they believe their thirty-year-old self will want to do.  Think about it. You have hopes and dreams as a college student and they may not be connected to reality. Sometimes dreams change as we move through life.

I like to say that I want to change my title from ‘Professor’ to ‘Facilitator of Dreams.’  It brings me great joy to watch students progress through college and move on to the real world.  This process is only a short part of their life span.  With that said, it is a critical part.  This is where you come in.

Whether you are in a position to hire someone or not, all of us have an opportunity to touch the future.  When you visit with young folks, really get to know them.  Find out what they are interested in, what they like, what makes them tick.  They probably have never heard of interpretation.  You could be the one who connects the things they naturally like with a fulfilling career.  This could be an incredible turning point.  Those superstars are out there. We just need to find them.

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