“Take a Hike!”….at another interpretive center


How many of you go hiking?
When you go hiking what happens?
How do you feel?
What do you discover?
What do you think?
Are you rushed?
What happens to your heart rate?

Going for a hike tends to open up our senses and put us at ease depending on the difficulty of the hike. Often this planned activity can open us up to things much more than just a prairie, forest, or beach. We discover new things in great focus and grand horizons once we hit the trail.  We see and hear things in a new perspective. Our minds have the ability to think without the interruption of work allowing us to reflect, goal set, brainstorm, relax, and simply sort things out.

As interpreters I encourage you to “take a hike” at another interpretive center. Whether a nature center, history museum, art museum, zoo, aquarium, or children’s museum make the time for the professional interpreter inside you. By getting out of your office, cubicle, or facility and visiting another interpretive center your “professional brain” reaps many of the same rewards as the hike out in nature. Visiting another center gives you the opportunity to see and hear new things in a new perspective, relate, and recharge.

Go visit that county historical museum that you pass each day, call up your Region 3 buddy and set up a site visit, take advantage of the regional and national conferences that often have site visits to other centers.

Happy Hiking!

p.s. there are 4 spots still available for the Interpreters Road Show pre workshop in Denver as part of the National Interpreters Workshop
(pictured…Ashley Bradt has worked at the South Carolina Aquarium for a number of years yet never walked the 20 steps to Fort Sumter National Monument until yesterday)

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