NAI Puerto Rico 2015: Update!

by Eliezer Nieves Rodriguez

We are working hard to be visited by performers of the entire southeastern region of United States and Latin America. Puerto Rico 2015 will be an opportunity to strengthen ties of friendship and to learn about new projects, skills and techniques in the field of interpretation of our nature. Soon we will be presenting the preliminary program, and most importantly will be able to choose between several field Trips before, during and after the conference.

So plan to arrive a few days early or stay a few days later for a professional development in a Caribbean style. In Puerto Rico the US Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, The Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico, The Natural History Society of Puerto Rico and Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources among other groups, will welcome you to this meeting of Friendship, Nature and Interpretation.

Several groups are working on the preparation of a series of visits to our natural areas where the best interpretation practiced using a single language, to inspire future generations to preserve what ours by Nature.

View a trailer for the “Insider’s Guide to Puerto Rico,” or these other enticing videos:

120 Seconds in Puerto Rico from Play Creative on Vimeo


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2 thoughts on “NAI Puerto Rico 2015: Update!

  1. katemowbray

    Sounds great! What are the dates?

  2. Yup, February 2 to the 5.

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