Spartina Fey and Jimmy Fouling present…

by Ashley Bradt

Most people are familiar with celebrity names like Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon. Saturday Night Live and late night talk shows come to mind for me. These are names that I associate with laughter and funny TV moments. At the South Carolina Aquarium, we hope to spark that same comedic entertainment with one of our recently implemented shows, the Salt Marsh Show. With the hosts being “Spartina” Fey and Jimmy “Fouling,” guests are sure to make the connections with their favorite TV comedians while getting educated on the “Beachend” update.

This is a way that we can engage our guests while targeting something that is relatable to those that are familiar with these TV entertainers. For those that are not, it will still be an entertaining show where two goofy interpreters aim to entertain while educate.

During the Salt Marsh Show, kids are asked to feel a bucket of “pluff mud,” pull props from a “mystery bag,” and watch Brown Pelicans catch smelt with their giant beaks in mid-air. The sounds of the birds, splashing of the fish, and smell of fresh smelt are all around them. It is an engaging, informal, interactive show in which guests are immersed in a salt marsh habitat.

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