Top 10 Benefits of Environmental Education (PLT)

April 22: Today we celebrate Earth Day.

Today we celebrate a meeting between Puerto Rico state agencies, federal agencies and NGOs to draw up a National Plan for Environmental Education in Puerto Rico. It was wonderful to discover how the Certified Interpretive Guide repeated as an element that strengthened environmental education programs in most of the agencies’ presentations.

Today it became clear that relevant offerings create meaning in both formal education and informal education places like parks, forests and nature centers.

Last week we were in Pacific Grove, at the meeting of WILD coordinators working on the review of the Terrestrial Guide, and next month we will be in Traverse, Michigan at the international conference of Project Learning Tree, to bring that project for the first time to Puerto Rico.

Today we celebrate Earth Day and the beginning of a new era of cooperation between the Government of Puerto Rico with the agency I represent (Department of Natural and Environmental Resources) and NGOs. Using environmental interpretation creates more meaning for all the teachers that we impact with these projects (Both WILD and PLT).

And I leave this link from PLT, for reflection, and thanks to all who make possible the WILD and PLT projects and make magic in every nature hike.

Top 10 Benefits of Environmental Education

By Susan Toth in Educator Tips & Stories

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