2015: The Sunny Southeast meets the Sunny Caribbean

Five Reasons to attend the 2015 NAI Region 3 Workshop

5. You can find a cheap plane ticket or the same price as at the National Workshops

4. Puerto Rico is a US territory, so, all you need is a current US drivers license – no passport required! See this article for information. (Thanks to Marisol Asselta for the correction!)

3. You will meet the best Puerto Rican Interpreters and NAI members doing what we most love: Connecting People with the Resources

2. You can arrive early or leave late to visit incredible interpretive sites and nature reserves, including the states and USFS Forests (Some of them will be include in the workshop program)

1. Yes. We speak English (So the official languages of the workshop will be English and Spanish)

! Take your time and plan ahead to meet the Southern part of our Region 3!
(More information about dates and workshop selected site will be post during the 2014 Regional Workshop)






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2 thoughts on “2015: The Sunny Southeast meets the Sunny Caribbean

  1. Marisol

    Just a quick note: you do NOT need a passport to travel to Puerto Rico. A valid US Drivers License is all that’s needed for US citizens.

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