Interpreting Tradition

The traditional disrobing of deciduousness creates a laboratory for winter study. This cyclical custom bares witness to patterns and mannerisms within nature and her inhabitants, but also within ourselves. Behaviors are altered as weather reroutes winged travelers both at airports and along nature’s migratory landmarks. Stark silhouettes shadow crystalline litter which reverberate crunching paws, hooves, and hands. Warmth originates at its trophic sources both for man and wildlife. And, tradition creates community, camaraderie, and continuity throughout the changing seasons.
Interpreting tradition takes many forms whether it is the patterns and behaviors evident in nature or those that dictate our everyday lives; however, tradition is not always inherent. Many times, traditions are borne from our subconscious- from our thoughts and beliefs, attitudes and ideals. These ultimately direct our behaving and our doing. Just as interpretation is borne from a deeper sense of connectivity, so too is tradition; therefore, during this season of thanksgiving, of winter’s solstice, and holiday greetings, interpreting traditions from a natural, cultural, and historical perspective provides communion with your audience no matter the institution.
Traditions bind us together; connect generation to generation; and instill in us a love for the past we can experience in the present. May this holiday season be filled with tradition and may each of your interpretive products be gifts from the heart, creating traditions for our future, for as Robert Louis Stevenson wrote, “every heart that has beat strong and cheerfully has left a hopeful impulse behind it in the world, and bettered the tradition of mankind.”

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