Randomness Creates Possibilities

 Have you ever received a random comment, note, or email? Maybe an out of the blue song, a happen chance personal contact, or peruse an odd publication while waiting at the doctor’s office?  Most likely you have said ‘yes’ to at least one, if not more, of these random, unplanned moments.  When it has happened, have you ever benefited from it?  Well, I did and now you can too.

In case random events happen that seem to be beneficial, the old fashioned person in me sticks to pen and paper to jot it down, or I make a note of it electronically if it’s through the computer interface. Either way, I encourage all of you to use the method that suites you best to take arbitrary moments and make the best of them.  Here is what happened to me: I received an email!

I received this email right about the time I was brainstorming the blog I needed to write for the Sunny Southeast. This random email has now provided the content of this blog. I opened the email to glance at its contents.  I discovered that it is an international heritage interpretation e-magazine. Not just any newsletter, it claims to have “a readership of over 5000 interpreters, organizations and agencies located in 24 countries, it is the most widely read of all the interpretation magazines and journals!” Whether this is true or not, the articles with in it can provide valuable information on interpretation. Download the issue that I received. InterpNEWS May June

To enhance the field of interpretation is to communicate what is out there. Be it from a haphazard email or our scheduled blog, we all can benefit.  So, take notes of the random occurrences for future use, share the world of interpretive information, and spread interpretation to the world.  Lastly, every so often, be random yourse. . .

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