The Tidal Life of an Interpreter

O.k., full disclosure—I’m based at a state aquarium so many of my metaphors relate to ocean/coastal/water stuff. In any event, I hope my premise that all of us interpreters lead a tidal life between a storm surge of crazy activity to watch-the-clock low tide.

I, myself, am experiencing a tidal change as I’m looking forward to a stretch of the doldrums after a frenetic couple of months in which I felt like I was swimming against the tide—such is the life of an outreach educator—you take your paying customers when you can! My springtime school programs had me logging some crazy hours but I am going to take advantage of an early summer low tide before putting a couple of thousand miles on the company van as I travel eastern and central NC doing summer library programs.

As we all get ready for another summer of camps, tourists, and programs, I have a question for you:  do you take advantage of your low water times to regroup, get some sleep, recharge your passion for your special places? I hope so, otherwise burnout can loom large.

As for me, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my small window of time—maybe use some of my comp to reconnect with my neglected family—but you can be sure I’m going to enjoy it before the next high tide rolls in!

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