Does your message fit your audience?

ImageToday I was scanning Yahoo’s home site and while I was searching for a source of inspiration for this post I went through bits of random information that seemed to be the same from 3  or 6 months ago. An artist is in trouble with the law, a sports’ team won a game, a big corporation won a lawsuit, politicians are calling for a “full investigation”, nothing really “new”.

All these seemed like the perfect example of poor interpretation or a poster board of “how not to do interpretation”.

The one piece that came the closest to it was on the right side of the screen below all the annoying ads and it said: “If you’re single, this could be a great day to ask out someone new. If not, just enjoy the comfort of your sweetie and the good energy the day brings. Either way, you should feel better by tonight!”. Yes, the horoscope was the closest example of interpretation I could find in the entire page. The message was actually written addressing me, that was encouraging plus no matter how hard I tried to scroll down that section of the page would not move (static content). 

When you create interpretive materials remember that you need to know your audience and make sure that you address them, their needs and highlight why your message is relevant to them. Like in this small example, I don’t really want to wait until “tonight” to feel better but that is ok, I am not a Taurus anyways.

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