The technology is here, it is our turn to make it relevant

Last night I was watching Jack Hannah on the Late Show, I have always like trips to the zoo, enjoy spend time outside looking at animals from the other side of the world. If the zoo does a good job they will manage to keep things relevant to me and tell me not only why should I care about a primate or an elephant that I may never see in the wild but what can I do to help protect their habitat (like not consuming products with palm oil) or help researchers. Jack Hannah kept bringing one animal after the other showing how cool, scary, agile or friendly some of them are, spitting facts about the animals but failed to mentioned why these animals are relevant to me. Even worse he never told the audience what are common things that people do to hurt these animals that would require small behavioral changes on our end to help them along the way.

A day later I was explaining to one of my staff where technology is heading and why social media, cloud content and other technologies are relevant to us and how we connect with our audience.

Here is  video from Google, this is something that they are currently working on, it is a prototype but the technology is already here and the fact that our smart phones give is the ability to be connected to the grid and stream endless data until your battery dies we need to make sure that information to our nature center is where people are looking for it.

If you think this is the future, then the future is today and maybe tomorrow they will call this “old school”, in the meantime think how you can use all this technologies to enhance visitor’s experiences.

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