Interpreting through Social Media

Watching the Olympics has been a bit of a challenge for me, between work and being able to receive updates on my phone or read all the articles and notes online totally ignoring the “spoiler alerts”. By the time I get to my TV I know half of the results, this takes half of the excitement of watching volleyball, swimming or track and field knowing the result ahead of time.

London 2012 has proven to be the first olympic games where fans and athletes are sharing on social media every single detail in their lives, from good restaurants, and taxi drivers to rant about the IOC prohibiting athletes to name their sponsors on their walls, or tweets. Fans have also flex their muscle on social media by tweeting about their disappointment with NBC’s delayed broadcast (keeping costumers happy could be an entire different blog post).

It is important to use social media as a communication tool between our resources and the audience, if you plan your wall posts, tweets, pins, etc, properly your audience will be engaged and more likely to engage on a two way communication with you. This is the greatest advantage of social media, being able to not only send messages out but be able to receive messages and listen to our audience automatically.

A few months back a NASCAR race was temporarily stopped because of an accident and race cars stopped on the track for 20 minutes or so. One driver had his smart phone on hand, took a picture from his dashboard and sent it his twitter followers. By the time the race was over he added over 100,000 followers and just as many comments and retweets. If you give your audience what they want they will share with others and “spread the word”.

Twitter / Brad Keslowski

Twitter / Brad Keslowski

Next time you are wondering where your audience is or why they are not getting your “message” whatever that means to you, look at your computer (or smart phone) and hopefully you will share with all the users that can get posts and follow you from their smart phones.

As a side note, in the month of March 2012 the number of smart phone users outnumber basic phone users.

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