Interpret your passion

When are little kids we start developing preferences, what flavors we like, what we don’t like, favorite colors, playing outside or inside, reading, singing, dancing, sports, etc.

As adults we are even more incline to our favorites food, places people and activities. Most people do not have a passion for their job, interpreters on the other hand are usually a different breed. We love what we do, talk to other people about what we like.

Sometimes interpreters forget what their passion is and think about work like “work”. If you have a true passion for interpretation and do what you love it will be a lot easier to translate that to very powerful programs with high energy by sharing that passion with your audience.

On my first year as interpreter I was trying to come up with a nature-based program that would sound interesting to visitors and that I could “share” my passion for remote control planes. A few days later at a local flying field one of my flying buddies brought a new “toy” and it automatically hit me, not literally but it was the answer to my question. After asking about the setup on his plane and a few technical questions I had my perfect program. “How can they fly?” I did not have a bald eagle at the time but this was perfect to show principles used on airplane design and construction and compare to them with their natural counterparts.

Remember to bring you passions and apply them every day into your programs.

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