Staff learning from staff

Most of our career as interpreters is spent trying to become better at what we do, attending conferences, reading books, joining professional organizations, etc.

We have all seen exhibits, gone to places or attended interpretive programs that “wow” you, a lot of people have done research about the “wow” factor and make sure that we have those emotional connections. There plenty of tools and techniques out there to learn and share but for me observing others is my way to learn.

Mentors by assignment or by accident are great; they will share most of the time their experiences and you can watch them at their best. Throughout my short career as interpreter I have observed other around me and they may not know this but they have become mentors to me. Shadowing staff, supervisors, or other interpreters have shaped my career and this is how I learned most of the tricks of the trade.

I have spent the past few months with my Department Director as part of a mentoring program. The experience has been one of the best I have had. Being able to informally train with my bosses boss (my grand boss according to my wife) has been extremely educational and enjoyable.

Whenever possible find a mentor or start a mentoring program at your site. You will get “Quarterback stars” before you know it.

Watch the video on the link below and share with others who are your mentors and what have you learned from them.

QB Mentoring – from ESPN

Happy Trails,


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