Potty Mouth Interpretation

It is easy to overlook the most common question at all interpretive sites, but “where is the restroom” is an opportunity.   It’s the one destination we know most guests will see and the only place all visitors have the same goal.   You can engage this captive audience through a humble periodical.

Ours, The Call of Nature News, is housed handsomely (and sanitarily) in Plexiglas frames at eye-level, on walls and stall doors, with a brief editorial and event postings.  Offered quarterly, I put humor and a message in 8-12 sentences laid out like a newspaper story.  We originally tried to have staff members contribute articles but balancing succinctness and substance challenged most authors to the point that revision was more trouble than it was worth. 

Many institutions have a “Toilet Paper.”  Ours is the first one I have seen with an article.  That piece gets our guests talking to each other about our core messages and some are so tickled, they ask to take a copy home. You too can give your guests a take home message while they are doing what they will do anyway.

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2 thoughts on “Potty Mouth Interpretation

  1. Debra Shankland (region 4)

    This is an awesome format! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lisa Borok

    The Toledo Zoo had something like this years ago, where they had signage posted inside the stalls that related Nature with, well, the Call of Nature. I’ll never forget the graph showing how the annual number of black widow bites declined dramatically with the advent of indoor bathrooms in the US! Yowzer!

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