CITing in Charlotte, NC

Picutre it–24 interpreters of varying ages, backgrounds, regions, and career paths coming together for a Certified Interpreter Trainer class in OUR REGION! And 16 of them are from OUR REGION! Talk about a marvelous meeting of the minds! But I digress. I went for selfish reasons–I wanted to get my lapsed CIT reactivated and since the location was just down the street (hey, anything within 6 hours of the Outer Banks can be considered “just down the street”), I jumped at the chance to meet these engaging folks at Reedy Creek Nature Center and “get ‘er done,” as they say in these parts!

So since I’ve been gone for over a week and the work has piled up, let me be brief:

1.  If you have let your CIT lapse, there is hope–you can audit the class and get back on board with the program.  Contact Carrie Miller for more info.

2. There are a bunch of newly hatched CITs in our region–if you want to have your folks trained, be sure to check out the ever-expanding list of Region 3 CITs on the NAI website.

3.  If you ever thought about getting your CIT credentials, I would encourage you to do so–the training is well planned and executed, the participants are fun and full of great insights, and the break from the everyday is always appreciated. We had such a great turnout, I bet we could convince Lisa and Tim to come back to the Sunny Southeast sooner, rather than later!

CIT participants at Reedy Creek Nature Center








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2 thoughts on “CITing in Charlotte, NC

  1. ecologito

    I really enjoyed this training opportunity, having this in the region plus the scholarships granted made this a very successful workshop.

    This was also a fantastic opportunity to network and bounce ideas in regards of facilities, staff training and interpretive planning.

  2. Adam DeWitte

    Great training and good conversation. i learned a thing or two on how to beef up my own programming and methods. I highly recommend this to anyone in either the EE or interpretive field!

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